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sister (and mom) selfies

sister (and mom) selfies
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Darcey is the oldest (and most glamorous) of the Huish sisters (mom). She style her Strawberry Fields Forever kerchief in one of my favorite ways - wrapping a kerchief twice around your neck, leaving a thicker band and a smaller knot. Paired with feminine ballet flats and a classic striped shirt, this look is practical and chic.


If it isn't obvious by the v cute bum in the corner, Annika (the real oldest sister) is a smokin' hot young mom (of two!). She styles the Ob-La-Di kerchief with groovy boots and a neutral dress. The classic jean jacket in a bright peach corduroy gives this outfit a fresh and vibrant twist.


Hey there. Did I just get out of the shower? You'll never know because my rain coat and boots suggest the wet hair might be a product of my environment (not a product of laziness). It actually is raining is Seattle today, but the rain here is an unassuming mist...and suddenly you realize you're soaked. SO, I've paired my rubber coat and chunky boots with dainty, and breathable, linen pants and a peach kerchief belt.

 Everyone who's familiar with klæde has seen this cute face before! Izze, klæde model and college student, wears the Yellow Submarine kerchief western bandana style. Overalls, cozy shearling coat, chunky loafers... what more could you want?!


Emma is the youngest of the girls, and I'm telling you, this girl is going places. Her brilliant, yet playful, spirit shines through her style. Although Emma and I both styles the Here Comes the Sun kerchief, Emma showed that this pattern doesn't have to look overly dainty or feminine.  





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  • Jennifer: December 02, 2018

    LOVE everything about this post!! Thanks for the great tips!

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