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hairkerchief inspiration

hairkerchief inspiration
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The above top knot is a favorite. And this classy lady shows us how to wear it with confidence and ease. A little pattern and texture mixing makes your hairkerchief flow with the outfit. A cute, but not overbearing, top knot can cover greasy hair, or be the perfect tiara to a cute bob or flowing locks. 

I love how this simple kerchief keeps the outfit casual and comfortable. The neutral kerchief in the hair doesn't stand out too much between the brown sweater and bag, but it does give a subtle flair. 

Twiggy shows us how cute and playful a kerchief can be wrapped around the hairline and tied just just above the back of the neck. It looks effortlessly cool and chic. Grab a popsicle while you're at it!

This stunning kerchief makes the look. If you let it hand low and lay further than your hairline it is not just an accessory, but an essential part to your outfit. Wear your kerchief like this with your hair half up or all in a ponytail or messy bun. 


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