Your beautiful kerchief is made from a custom blend of 25% silk and 75% cotton. Because your kerchief is so silky smooth and lightweight it needs a bit of extra care to keep it pristine. 
Here are 5 simple steps to hand wash your klæde kerchief:

 | Fill a large bowl with 2 liters of cold water.

2 | Pour 1 TBSP of mild detergent into cold water and stir till combined. *Any wool wash for delicate fabrics works - I used Woolite from Target.

3 | Submerge kerchief into water/detergent mixture and gently squeeze the suds around the kerchief. Keep the kerchief in the water and continue to softly rinse and squeeze for about 2 minutes.

*If you have a make-up or oil stain on your kerchief, apply a small dab of detergent directly to the stained spot. Softly work it into the fabric with your fingers and allow the detergent to settle for about 15 minutes before you continue to wash the entire scarf. *Avoid harsh rubbing or wringing because it can dull the colors and break the delicate fibers. 

5 | Fill another large bowl with cold water and carefully rinse your kerchief to remove the remaining detergent. 

6 | Remove excess moisture by patting the kerchief between dry towels. 

 | Let your kerchief hang dry in a cool area with no direct sunlight.